Kiwi Concrete pride themselves on service and try to ensure that deliveries are on time, every time. They do not fall into the trap of other ready mix companies of taking in too much work at the one time. Simply they complete one pour prior to commencing the next. This works extremely well for Kiwi Concrete and their clients.

Kiwi Concrete has an excellent track record of supplying top quality concrete and service on time.


Nicky Young (Oamaru Plant Manager)

Nicky has been involved in the concrete industry for over 29 years with 27 of those years batching concrete. Nicky leads the team in Oamaru and believes that Kiwi’s staff are their biggest asset. Nicky holds a certificate in Concrete Testing and has a real passion for concrete.


Wayne Wilson (Twizel Plant Manager)

Wayne has been involved in the concrete industry for over 12 years. Wayne managed the Kiwi Concrete Christchurch plant for 6 years before shifting to Twizel. Wayne holds a certificate in Concrete Testing.


Terry Smith (Christchurch Manager)

With over 40 years in the concrete industry, Terry has a wealth of experience and knowledge. Terry has worked in all areas of concrete production from the ground up and is very approachable when looking for advice on concrete solutions.

Kiwi Concrete has a very stable and close knit work force, which are very experienced and proficient in their work. They are a very strong dynamic team.

Kiwi Concrete is part of the Road Metals group of companies which specialise in the crushing and supply of aggregates.