About Us

Kiwi Concrete pride themselves on service and try to ensure that deliveries are on time, every time. They do not fall into the trap of other ready mix companies of taking in too much work at the one time. Simply they complete one pour prior to commencing the next. This works extremely well for Kiwi Concrete and their clients.

Kiwi Concrete has an excellent track record of supplying top quality concrete and service on time.

Our People

Kiwi Concrete has a very stable and close knit work force, which are very experienced and proficient in their work. They are a very strong dynamic team.

Kiwi Concrete is part of the Road Metals group of companies which has been specialising in the crushing and supply of aggregates for over 60 years.

Brian Godfrey (General Manager)

Brian has a diverse and extensive background in the readymix industry extending over 35 years, from practical hands on skills in all aspects of concrete production, plant and fleet operations and admixtures, progressing to sales and senior management roles as his career has progressed, Brian has also been actively involved in industry groups, training and advisory roles to industry over the past 10 years.

Niki Young (Oamaru Manager)

Niki has been involved in the concrete industry for over 30 years and has extensive quality control experience. Niki leads the team in Oamaru and believes that Kiwi’s staff are their biggest asset. Niki holds a certificate in Concrete Testing and has a real passion for concrete.

Cam Sidon (Twizel Manager)

Cam is the newest member of the concrete team but not new to the Road Metals family. Cam has worked for Road Metals for the past 4 years learning how to operate loaders and crushing and screening plants, ultimately he has completed his B grade quarry certificate and is the manager of our Twizel quarrying operations. To continue his personal development he has under the guidance of our experienced concrete team, upskilled himself in concrete technology to a level where he now has full responsibility of both the quarrying and concrete operations for the area. He is the one stop shop for your aggregate and concrete supplies.

Terry Smith (Christchurch Manager)

With over 40 years in the concrete industry, Terry has a wealth of experience and knowledge. Terry has worked in all areas of concrete production from the ground up and is very approachable when looking for advice on concrete solutions.

Tim Fissenden (Kaikoura Manager)

Tim is new to the concrete industry but has demonstrated that he is a fast learner, with a background in the local fishing industry and more recently customer service in one of his favourite stores. Tim’s attention to detail and customer focus are some of the key attributes necessary to produce consistent quality concrete and ensuring satisfaction of our customers.

Our History

Kiwi Concrete Limited was originally formed in 1997 as Laing Concrete operating from Christchurch with the concrete plant established within Road Metals quarry at Yaldhurst. Laing Concrete was purchased by Road Metals the following year, and with new ownership came a new name – Kiwi Concrete.
In 2005 Road Metals made the decision to establish Kiwi Concrete in Oamaru and a batching plant was constructed and concrete production commenced.
In 2017 Kiwi Concrete set up a new concrete plant in Twizel to service the upper Waitaki and Mackenzie areas. This plant is the only plant in the Twizel area to hold an audit certificate from ConcreteNZ which ensures customers can be confident of the concrete quality.
In 2018 Kiwi Concrete purchased the local Kaikoura concrete business, Harmac Concrete, retaining all the staff. Harmac Concrete was a major supplier for the repairs following the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake. 
Kiwi Concrete also have fully mobile concrete plants that can be set up on site for larger projects. These plants vary in size with the largest mobile batching plant capable of 100 m³ per hour production.

All of the Kiwi Concrete batching plants are computerised to ensure batch accuracy and consistency and a record is kept of each load of concrete batched.